Sunday, January 24, 2010

2 strand twists


  1. Hey Kicukalah,

    Have you tried using the two strand method to lock hair? Any ideas on how to do it, its advantages or disadvantages?

  2. I have used the 2 strand method to combine a few of my own locs, but then return to latching the new growth due to the size of my locs. A few disadvantages I believe to be are you can't shampoo your hair immediately versus using the braidloc or the interlocking techniques. You would have to resort to using scalp cleansers instead. Also, I would not advise the 2 strand technique for micro size locs or looser curl pattern texture hair. Some of the advantages of the 2 strand twist method is the smoothness in appearance of the new growth when retwisted, less time to maintain, and generally it takes less time for the hair to actually mesh and lock compared to the interlocking technique.
    2 strand twists can become beautiful locs when cared for properly.
    Thanks for stopping by Cee! I really enjoy your blog.

  3. Thanx for the great advise Kicukalah. Beautiful blog you have with wonderful pictures.
    Your welcome at My Dreadlocks anytime, we are always glad to have you