Friday, March 20, 2009

One of Sherrill's Newest Advance Students

That would be me!! I'm nervous and excited. So far all that has happened is I changed classrooms and have a styling station that I staked out. The freshman instructor (Ms. Leary) kicked me out! Can't believe it. The first day of the transition, I went straight for the freshman classroom, partly out of habit. Ms. Leary made me do a quick fast U-turn. She said "I don't even have your file anymore. Good-bye!" Can ya'll feel the love? It's ok though. She's gonna miss me. Now I have new classmates. Well some new and some are from the freshman class with me.

Freshman Instructor- Ms Leary
AKA Class Kicker Outer
And now The other new advance students......



And TG

All of the photos are of students from my freshman class. I think it's gonna be great to watch each other progress.

~Well that's all for now. Looking forward to my experience! Tah, Tah~

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

4 months in!

Time is sure zipping by. It seems as though my graduation date in January is so far away, but I must admit that it feels as though I just enrolled last week. With in the next 2 weeks I should be transitioning into the advance class. There is where I will be on the clinic floor receiving clients and showing off how much I have learned right? I am really nervous, but I feel very confident. I have had 3 clients at the school already. This opportunity came about when most of the advance students attended a hair show in Atlanta this past February. I was so nervous about performing services that I forgot to take pictures! Out of the 3 I did get one picture. A real cutey pie. Her mom just wanted her hair in cornrows. Mom was pleased, but cutey pie was very tired of sitting in my chair and wanted to go home. I still managed to get a smile.

Maybe next time mom will let me put beads in her hair.