Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cornrows with added hair

Tamesha "Mesha" Parker

Yesterday I had a chance to meet new salon owner Tamesha Parker out of Rocky Mount. The name of her salon in which just opened May 1st is The Beautiful U Healthy Hair Studio, LLC. Located in Raleigh at 6514 Old Wake Forest Road. 919.896.8313. The salon's focus is as it's name implies, healthy hair.

Tamesha has been a licensed professional for 13 years now with her speciality in "trend-release" cutting, haircolor, and curling. While she was at the school I had the opportunity of asking her several questions:

Kiki: Remembering when you were in cosmetology school, what lesson did you learn then that you feel that is most valuable today?

TP: Learning how to talk to my clients. Customer service.

Kiki: (Tamesha indicated to me and fellow students that she is looking for stylists to join her at her salon.) What are you looking for in a stylist?

TP: One that will listen. Definitely. Listen to your clients! If she wants blue rollers, give her blue rollers. Listen.

Kiki: What would you say to us as students?

TP: Keep going and do your best.

Thanks Tamesha for visiting us at the school.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Out of Sherrills University

Mr. Eric Cheek

All the way from his hometown of Henderson, NC, Mr. Cheek paid a visit to his former school to inspire and encourage the upcoming professionals out of Sherrill's University. Since his graduation in 1998, he has made some amazing lead way in his career as a professional barber. Being featured in magazines and winning trophies from the such as the Bronner Brothers Hair Show and owning his own successful barber shop and salon called E-Clips Barber and Beauty Center in Henderson, NC. Mr. Cheek brings the experience of over 10 years as a professional barber with no intentions of slowing down. It was an honor to have met such a man of his caliber and refreshing to see a black man who is not opposed to helping and teaching those who are eager to learn.
Some words I remember him saying to us, "People are in your life only for a season. If you want to stick around awhile to learn all that you can, I got your back. If you grow and want to branch out on your own, I got your back. If you go out and want to come back, I got your back. Whatever. I'm looking for those individuals that will use their talents and license to go get it. Those that are hungry."

God Speed E. Cheek!

Young Jeezy
Bernie Mac

You can see more amazing work by Eric Cheek at