Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tamesha "Mesha" Parker

Yesterday I had a chance to meet new salon owner Tamesha Parker out of Rocky Mount. The name of her salon in which just opened May 1st is The Beautiful U Healthy Hair Studio, LLC. Located in Raleigh at 6514 Old Wake Forest Road. 919.896.8313. The salon's focus is as it's name implies, healthy hair.

Tamesha has been a licensed professional for 13 years now with her speciality in "trend-release" cutting, haircolor, and curling. While she was at the school I had the opportunity of asking her several questions:

Kiki: Remembering when you were in cosmetology school, what lesson did you learn then that you feel that is most valuable today?

TP: Learning how to talk to my clients. Customer service.

Kiki: (Tamesha indicated to me and fellow students that she is looking for stylists to join her at her salon.) What are you looking for in a stylist?

TP: One that will listen. Definitely. Listen to your clients! If she wants blue rollers, give her blue rollers. Listen.

Kiki: What would you say to us as students?

TP: Keep going and do your best.

Thanks Tamesha for visiting us at the school.

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