Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Diagonal Zig Zag Cornrows

Bree is my oldest daughter and the son I never had. She's never been a girly girl and show no signs of becoming one. Basketball is her focus nowadays and curls and b-ball don't mix.


  1. I can't win them all can I. Thanks for stopping by and checking me out and giving me your opinion. Maybe next time you'll see something you like and can comment on that :-)

  2. How rude! I understand everyone has an opinion, but that was a very rude comment. Kiki, I find nothing ugly about it at all. It looks GREAT. But if "anonymous" had a bit of intelligence, he/she could have at least found a better way to say that they don't like the particular style. Props to you for handling it so well in your response. Keep up the good work. It is too bad that ignorance runs rampant in society.