Monday, February 2, 2009

Such hard workers

I can say for myself that I am a hard worker in everything that I do. I come to school and go straight to work. What was surprising was that when I actually came up for air from my work I noticed that my fellow students were working too. Well most of them were busy working. Here are some of our accomplishments.
This is E-Breezy hard at work. He's in the barber-stylist program. Most guys that enter this program have never tried to put rollers in someone's hair. A rollerset is often pretty difficult for them. So after 2 weeks of thinking about trying to attempt a roller set and 2 hours of actually trying, this is what he came out with...........
Pretty good huh? Not bad for his 1st good attempt.

He's pretty happy about it.

My first real hair cut. The Bob.
Whatcha think?
Maybe I'll work on hair enhancements next ( weaves, quick weaves)

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  1. I like! I'm actually thinking about getting a Bob except mine would be longer (so I wouldn't have to get the back tapered). I also want the "front-angles" to be the same length rather than asymetrical.